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What is WBBC?
The Westlake BioBank for Chinese (WBBC) cohort is a population-based prospective study with its major purpose to better understand the effect of genetic and environmental factors on growth and development from youngster to elderly. The dataset comprises a wide range of demographics and anthropometric measures, serological tests, physical activity, sleep quality, age at menarche and bone mineral density. WBBC is designed as a prospective cohort study and will recruit at least 100,000 Chinese samples. The pilot project of WBBC has recruited a total of 14,726 participants (4,751 males and 9,975 females) and the baseline survey was carried out from 2017 to 2019.
Our Study:
Whole Genome Sequencing
Inferring Relatedness
DNA Inheritance Patterns
Population Structure
Demographic History
Complex Traits:
Bone mineral density
Vitamin D
Fasting glucose
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