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The Westlake BioBank for Chinese (WBBC) project is a population-based prospective study with its major purpose to better understand the effect of genetic and environmental factors on growth and development from young to old. The WBBC is designed to recruit at least 100,000 Chinese samples across the country. The pilot project of WBBC has recruited a total of ~35,000 participants, comprising ~28,000 late adolescents with mean age at 19 and ~7,000 old adults with age great than 65, covering 31 provincial administrative regions in China. The whole blood, serum, urine and stool samples were preserved. The biobank comprises a wide range of demographic data (e.g., age, sex, nation, birth place), questionnaires (e.g., Life style, PSQI, IPAQ, SQFFQ), anthropometric measures (e.g., body composition, DXA measurements, blood pressure, grip strength, waist, hip and thigh circumference) and blood biochemistry data (e.g., bone turnover markers, blood lipid markers, thyroid function markers, fasting glucose, HbA1c, Hepatic and Kidney-related measures). The multi-omics data (e.g., whole genome sequencing and gut metagenome sequencing) were available for ~15,000 study samples at this stage.
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